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Let's play rock- paper -scissors

work in paeis. playvscissors, rock, and paper . the winner choses a situation from which he /she creates an expression of compliment. the partner responds to the expression. after that, do the scissors, rock, and paper again. continue doing that with all the situations provided below


situation 1

you see your friend with her new haircut

situation 2

your sister ďrives very well

situation 3

your best friend handled a problem successfully

situation 4

you visit your friend's house for the first time.

situation 5

your classmate submitted her project on time.

situation 6

your sister' s team won a game

situation 7

your brother has just bought a new, smart robot

situation 8

your friend has a new t-shirt

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Let's play rock- paper -scissors

work in paeis. playvscissors, rock, and paper . the win...


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