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My familiy calls me wati​

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Tentukan nilai a dari3 pangkat a = 3 pangkat 53 pangkat 4 x 3 pangkat 2​
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A. choose the best option for each sentenceoption for each sentence given below.a. would youb. why don't y1. hey siti,a. are youb. how about_go star-gazing tonight? c. shall themd. would you like to9. aisya: "i am seannie: "a. how aboub. what abcstay at". would you like to go watching a movie this weekend? "carly: "i can't, i am low on cash right now..home and watch tv instead."a. how aboutc. what aboutb. let'sd. i think10.a. how abb. let'swe go to the library? 3. what shall we do today? _a. shallb. let'sc. why don'td. would youb. there are smistakes imistakes,like a cup of coffee? c. would youd. should ia. can! b. i'll do1. let's2. shathe washing, if you like.c. i'll dod. let'sa. canb. would you​
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Apa yang dibicarakan bait pertama dari lagu love strory? katakan satu kalimat
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What you would say if your school will have a new teacher​
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My familiy calls me wati​...


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